Choices: What really is the right choice?.

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a while here and yes of course I missed you guys. Hope your weekend has been great. Today we will be talking about CHOICES. This is one topic I have always ponder on anytime I’m alone. What really is the right choice to make?.

Life is a series of choices we make every day. Hour by hour, minute by minute, all these choices have consequences which will directly affect us and those around us for our good, or to our detriment.

I’m here trying to decide what food to eat lol.

While everything in life is not laid out in black and white choices, there are many decisions we can make that give us direction and purpose. By the power of God living in us if we don’t purposely make these good choices by default, the opposite happens. Most times we tend to make regrettable choices. Each time I have great conversations with people, I always say to them that, whatever choices you’re making now, make sure your future self is proud of it, if not don’t try to make it.

There are some things we don’t even need to think or even blink to before deciding what to do or what not to do.

Your choices will either make you or break you.

There are two forces at work in this world, each with a plan to capture your heart and devotion. Good and evil, God and satan, life and death. See let me tell you something, you’re either fight against your natural tendencies or you let your human nature win, It’s your choice. God’s desire is that you will choose His way.

We were created with desires for acceptance, purpose, and love. Even from infancy we are needy, dependent beings searching for anything that will satisfy our wants and desires. We want things that will make us happy, healthy, and complete. As children we thought it was that newest toys, and as adults we think that bigger house, better job, or a fancy trip to nice expensive islands will finally give us the satisfaction we so desperately desire. For some, when those things fail to fulfill us, we reach for sex, drugs, or alcohol etc. to soothe our aching hearts. These things only leave us empty, exhausted, and disappointed, yet still reaching for more.

Choose God or something else will choose your desires.

Choices are based on standards for comparison. If there isn’t a standard, our beliefs change to match the culture. Many of us want to live life on the edge and experience all there is. We sure don’t want to miss out. Yet, we miss out and make choices that we are not even proud of. We often consciously make wrong choices, naively hoping negative consequences won’t follow, like planting corn and hoping beans will grow. It sounds crazy right, but we do it over and over again.

We are in a battle for our hearts, our minds, and our lives.

God is very clear about this: we get what we plant. We reap what we sow. Choose the right seeds, and the right fruits will show. Your heart needs guarding because your heart is who you are. It is the core of your being, it’s where all your desires and passions live. It is the part of you that connects with God and other people. Your heart is the source of your worship, the dwelling place of God. Your heart is the place where your mind, will, and emotions come together. So choose to guard your heart above all, or it will choose the wrong things.

Choose life or death will choose you. Choose wisdom or you will be a fool forever. Choose Jesus, He is the path of wisdom for your life. Choose to live in the light, or you will stumble in the darkness. Choose you, In the eyes of God, you have great value; If believing your life has immense worth, that shouldn’t be a struggle for you. Choose to believe the truth and live in freedom, or lies will be your prison. The battle for right choices begins in our minds. Choose to honor others, giving God the honor He deserves. Choose to encourage yourself or life will overwhelm you. Choose faith in God. It is the only antidote to fear. Choose to forgive, because you are forgiven. Choose to control your anger, or it will control you. Choose righteous anger. It will change your heart. Choose feedback and correction. It will bring gratitude instead of resentment. Choose relationship with God over religion, and find the freedom of living in His grace.

Always know that God has you and He is enough! Maybe you have made some bad choices before, it’s never too late to start making the right ones now. I hope this help someone today. Please share with me below on the comment section your thoughts on this topic. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share with friends and families, you never know who might be needing this. Thanks for always stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Choices: What really is the right choice?.

  1. I’m a big fan of your page dear, you inspire me always. I choose to live in light and truth. Most times people don’t know that the choices they’ve made in the past, are the causes of their present problem. May God help us all to make the right choice.

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  2. Great post dear, indeed the choices we make either make us or break us. I choose to make the right ones.


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