Welcome to my blog!

My name is Courage Sonia O. Ogoyo. A girl with an industrious addiction to be different in all rounds of life.

I’m a medical student, a model, a designer, a singer, a dancer ( choreographer), and a writer; written some couple of books – titled – ‘WHAT THE BIG QUESTION IS’, and ‘YOU RESTIVENESS’.

I had the ideal of setting up this blog long time ago; this is my second blog, had password issues with my first blog (www.officiallymzincredible.blogspot.com). I have been blogging for some years now.

I gradually recovered the mustard bits of ideas that initially sprung up in my big head and here I am, talking and blogging with you!

Living a life that is pleasing to God. For daily inspirational and emotional words to bless your day. News, gist, fashion, health, lifestyle and discussion forum.


Facebook – sonia ogoyo

Twitter – courageogoyo

Instagram – iam_slone

INQUIRIES : courage_ogoyo@yahoo.co.uk

Feel free to comments, share, follow, subscribe and also share your own opinions

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