Hello lovelies,

Today I’m going to be discussing something very important with you guys; changing your thoughts by thinking positively.

There is no doubt our thoughts impact our lives. What we think about ultimately results in the decisions that guide our lives. Yet we often don’t think about what we think about. We don’t realize that our thought lives can be scattered or disciplined, anxious or at peace, filled with faith and hope, or wallowing in despair. Instead, we allow our minds to wander like corks bobbing on the sea. What if we are actually supposed to be training our minds, thinking with discipline, so we can be the people God has called us to be?

This, of course, is what God wants for us. Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians to “have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16). 

It’s so easy to become disappointed because we don’t see life going the way we want it to and we do not see the big picture that God is working through everything to produce in us a character like Jesus Christ. We lose confidence in trusting God and begin to trust in ourselves and what we can accomplish. And start having different negative thoughts instead of seeing the light and positivity in it.

The truth is that nothing apart from God can save us or make us whole. Jesus is the answer and without Him at the center of our lives and thoughts, we will continue to struggle with having confidence. God’s Word is filled with promises of strength and courage if we place our confidence in Jesus Christ.

 Too often, we allow very dark thoughts, like bitterness, entitlement, fear, or despair, to be our norm. Then we self-medicate through substance, work, or other vices to get our minds off of them.

Whatever present circumstance you might dislike or find uncomfortable, there is a way forward a way out. Change your thinking and you will change your life. Changing your thinking just a little will alter the course of your life dramatically.

If we think the way everyone else thinks, we’ll get the results everyone else is getting. For an extraordinary life, we need to dwell on extraordinary thoughts.


Learning to control your thoughts is the key to a healthy mind. It’s important not to allow negative  thoughts jealousy, blame, accusations, or others to swirl around in our heads. They quickly and easily turn to bitterness and sin. By “thinking about what we think about,” we can move from being a person of bitterness to a person of blessing. Think the right thoughts and see your life making positive progress.

What are you waiting for? Start thinking the right and positive thoughts.

I hope you guys get inspired. And yes I will love to know your thoughts on this topic, Share your thoughts with me by commenting below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe by joining the family and share with your families and friends.


  1. Girl I’m always inspired by your post, thank you for sharing again…
    our thoughts really do change our lives. Change your thoughts and change your life.

    Liked by 1 person

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