Great Minds: Anegbe Oso Sylvester

Hello beautiful people, hope we are having a fun week.

It’s another episode of the great minds. This is a section of the blog were I get to interview young great minds that have achieve quite a lot for themselves. And our guest for today is a music producer, all the way from Nigeria Edo state.

See interview below;


1.So tell us about you.

I am Anegbe Oso Sylvester popularly known as osobeat; from a family of 6 (six) and I am the last child;Ā Am from Edo State but was raised in warri delta state

2.What motivates you?

I was motivated by my big brother Andrew Anegbe popularly known as A2 films,Ā And my big sister Ehis Anegbe because they observed that I love music and I was a drummer back then in church so they linked me to Mr Semion Unam known as neckedjamz factory. He lectured me and gave me guidelines that has been helping me till date

  1. When did you started producing?

I started music officially in 2010 because before then I was just playing around. Making dance mixtapes for dancers and giving video directors effect etc.

IMG_20160713_0513384. Who is you mentor?

Mr Semion Unam known as neckedjamz. He actually thought me a lot and that has been helping me till date.

  1. People you have worked with?

I have worked with quite a number of music artists in the music industry like Skales, Eva Alordiah, ink Edwards, eriga, nigga raw, Yung Hanz, l presido, steven tones, big sys, Xavier dini, buno, Ā endee, seg, joejo etc and some dancers.Ā And I got A1 jump on my beat.

IMG_20160713_0513256. Your lifestyle now and then?

My lifestyle now and then has been God, though it has not been easy, but what else can I say than to say thank you to the one who has been perfecting my path.

  1. What do you have to say for young and great minds like you?

I really don’t have much to say but all I have to tell those vibrant young great minds like me out there is that they should follow their passion! Do whatever positive thing that makes you happy. Don’t let anyone discourage you and the sky will be your starting point, keep the fire burning and have faith in God.

Thanks so much for letting me have you here! Guys you can also check out our vibrant young minds for today on Facebook: oso sylvester, also like his facebookĀ page:osobeat Ā Instagram:oso_beat

So guys let me know what you think and also if you are one of those vibrant young great minds out there that wants to be featured on the blog, just drop the comments below or send me a mail on



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