simple and classy

Hello guys,

i think it’s been about two months i last posted, and i am sooooo sorry!

so much has been going on that i  just have not found the time or felt like to post about any fashion tips,wears or producing some new content for you all.

today’s outfits is all about simple and classy look! This light stretch knit dress has a fitted bodice with a deep round-neckline, plus a fitted neat jacket for a look of style and elegance. The brown handbag and the hat give this dress an open feel of a classy look.DSC_1501DSC_1517

Obviously your perfect Sunday church outfit, it’s so simple and classy, i love how that hat made it look.

DSC_1552DSC_1528DSC_1543sometimes black and white is the real color you know. lolDSC_1525DSC_1523DSC_1514DSC_1492 (2)DSC_1529DSC_1502


Dress: forever21

Jacket: mint

Shoe: fergalicious

Hat: h & m

Bag: sophie hulme

what are your thoughts on this outfit, please leave a comment; would love to know.

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