Simply polka dots

2016-01-23-10-11-56-2832016-01-22-21-41-04-327img14541126694082016-01-23-12-12-33-3432016-01-23-11-54-37-732when a passerby decide to take a selfie with you and the picture turned out well. This young man was just passing by and he said ‘hey pretty can I take a selfie with you, I like your dress’. hahaha thanks to him.2016-01-23-09-49-58-115img14541128387862016-01-30-09-24-23-7672016-01-23-09-32-07-9612016-01-30-09-00-06-9332016-01-30-09-03-15-2362016-01-30-08-46-06-728img14541127212552016-01-30-08-20-01-7372016-01-30-09-21-02-220.jpgwhen u decide to strike a model pose.2016-01-30-09-13-48-836Hey there, so far the past month I have been crazy about neutral colours especially black and white.


Its a classic black and white polka dots affair this week, so over the weekend I decide to go back to my closet. In as much as I have so many white and black pieces in my closet, But this One here got me going!! I think polka dot dress is something we all need to have in our wardrobe. Today the variety of polka dot dresses is enormous in terms of Colors, styles and designers. It gives you this fab and cute look; I don’t do mono looks so often but after trying this polka dots drum suit and top I’m definitely looking forward to trying some ‘all white’ or ‘all black’ looks. This is the part I like about blogging, that I can do as much experiments as I can… Hope u guys like this look.

Please lovers don’t forget to like and comments, let me know what you think.



Polka dot top and drum suit: forever21

Shoes: people are people ( syrup)


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