cropped-img1449875968998.jpgimg1449991308282img1449991236058img1449991408313img1449991975337img1449991573641img1451017774329img1451017678449img1449991461240lately I have been on a maranthon, thinking if i should post this or not, but here we are, it’s here. This is just your regular day girly outing outfits.

I love the fitting of this H&M pant, and the over sized mint top of-course the shoes is not out, which made it look fab! I will not count how many times I rocked the perfect chilled out look or let’s call it ‘slone chic’. My lovers don’t forget to comments, subscribe and even share. You opinions means a lot.

Top: mints

Pant: H&M

shoes: CMG

Photo📷 by iragatmaitan

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